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Starting Fresh Off Grid.

Where would I’ve started? That’s a question that I’ve always asked myself when I woke up in the morning. I put both of my feet flat on the floor and walked towards my closet. This is one of the quiet places, my wife and I’ve created for us so we don’t have to listen to…

Eat To Live Healthier

Hope you like this slogan,”Eat yo live Healthier.” I believe that life is what you eat. You will enjoy your life much better if you eat just a bit healthier. And if not, only you will know. So this slogan is for those who like a healthier life.

Eat To Live Better

Life is precious. I don’t like the slogan that says, “It is what it is!” Yes, it is but what if you can change it and make it better.

Welcome to VS United,

Hello Folks, Thank you for visiting our first blog page. It’s such a great honor to have you here. We are so excited that you are curious what “VS United” is all about. We want to create a brand by simply silence our mind in stillness and wait patiently for our imagination to nourish and…

This is Me!

Welcome to our website,”VS United”. We are here to create special memories with our digital tools: lights, cameras and action. You have reached us at our first phase of development. During this phase we have developed and followed the philosophy of think it, create it and share it. We want to take this opportunity to…

Wandering Off Grid during Pandemic (Covid-19)

Hi everyone! This is Samuel P Tith. Thank you for your support in this adventure of creating my own website. I’m thrilled to know that you are here. As the video creator, I am thinking about creating the best video for everyone to see. But first, let me tell you about my short adventure wandering…

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