This is Me!

Welcome to our website,”VS United”. We are here to create special memories with our digital tools: lights, cameras and action.

You have reached us at our first phase of development.

During this phase we have developed and followed the philosophy of think it, create it and share it. We want to take this opportunity to paint the memories that world gave us and pass them on to the people in this world. We are so glad that you’re taking your valuable times to see what we are all about.

We believe that we can create a better world for our children by simply intentionally thinking about it, create it and share it. By following these philosophical commitments, we hope to inspire and reach those who seek fun and entertainment.

We wish you and your family a happy holidays and as always please enjoy this moment with them now because today is the moment to create the memories for tomorrow.

Before you leave, remember to be part of our community by simply subscribing to our YouTube channel or visit us here from time to time. Take care and stay safe.

Best Regards,

Samuel Tith

Director/Owner of VS United

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