Starting Fresh Off Grid.

Where would I’ve started? That’s a question that I’ve always asked myself when I woke up in the morning. I put both of my feet flat on the floor and walked towards my closet. This is one of the quiet places, my wife and I’ve created for us so we don’t have to listen to the siren coming from an ambulance, fire trucks and all other noises coming from the street. I sat down there still on the floor and took a long five to six deep breaths.

I cleared up my thought and said the words that I’ve learned from one of the old wise men in Hawaii, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.” These words were kind echoing again and again in my mind like the prayers or mantras. I would said at the beginning of my yoga session and at the end of the day. I would sat on my knees with my feet on the floor. I lowered my body down on the floor into a baby post with my hands in front of me to stretch my feet and shoulders. I’ve done this session almost every day and continued to do it till today.

Recently, my wife and I become aware of our mental clarity and physical fitness through exercise and yoga. We also love nature especial the forest. Since the epidemic started, we were unable to go to the gym so we started to wander off grid in the mountain to get our hiking or exercise done in the most creative and natural way. We discovered that this project lead to us to something else that we were not expected. We would gone to the forest almost every chance that we have and most frequently on the weekends. We took a short trip to the forest in the northern area of California. We would hiked for hours and afterward we felt so refresh and calm. To Be Continued,….


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