Wandering Off Grid during Pandemic (Covid-19)

Hi everyone! This is Samuel P Tith. Thank you for your support in this adventure of creating my own website. I’m thrilled to know that you are here. As the video creator, I am thinking about creating the best video for everyone to see. But first, let me tell you about my short adventure wandering off grid in northern California.

Over the one of our many weekends during this crazy pandemic(Covid-19), my wife(Vee), our dog(Boozy) and I (Sam) discovered the opportunity to get away from the city so we don’t have to deal with mask and practice the social distancing. We took multiple short trips to the hidden land in Northern California. It’s almost kind of off grid because there were no phone signals in certain areas. There were no traffic lights, and no paved road. We want to spend time together away from the busy city into the land that is full of nature such as trees, wild black berry, cropping rocks, waterfalls, birds, and endless sight of awesome mountains.

American River

We discovered unbelievable views of waterfalls, rocks, bridges and rivers. This trip really helps me bringing out peace and serendipity lying in dormant within me. It also freed me from being attached to material world into the land of imagination. It also demonstrated the power of nature that is greater than anything I could imagined.

Waterfalls in the Forest Hill

I love taking photos and videos for fun. The best part is the memories that we’ve created for ourselves and once we are gone, this memories will live on. So here are the photos/video that I’ve taken during our short trips on top of the mountain. We enjoy this short trips so much that we actually learned to survive if this pandemic event is to continue in the future.

We are planning to make a short music video as well as short clip on how to live off grid. I am so excited and could wait to share this with the world. Thanks to my wife and our dog for uniting us into a team of oneness. And that’s how we came up with the name VS United.

There are so many wonderful ideas and imagination that encapsulated in my mind during this short trips. It motivates me take my iPhone out of my jacket pocket and start taking snapshots of photos/videos. Here is one of the videos that I took on top of the wooden bridge above American River.

It was exciting and unbelievable that this bridge still standing in California. As we were driving on the wobbly bridge, we were At Aww and wondering if we would made it through and we fid, I have many more photos plus videos to share but I could not share with you here on this short blog. But please enjoy the photos/video that I’m sharing with you here.

Again, thank you for being here with me and my blog. May your adventure bring you peace from within and share with us here in reality. Have a great holiday!

Best Regards,

Samuel P Tith

Owner/Director of VS United LLC


Sitting still on top of the mountain

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